What is eMC?

Electronic Medical Certificate can be issued by Singapore registered doctors via MaNaDr. The original copy can be found in MaNaDr Patients' App and can be forwarded to the company/school via email. If the eMCs are printed out but not forwarded to the company/school via email, it will appear "printed". Nevertheless, both electronic copy and printed copy are valid MCs. Diagnosis, prescription of medicine and issuance of medical certificates (MCs) via telemedicine (i.e. without a physical medical consultation) are subject to doctors’ professional judgment and the precise circumstances of each presenting case.


With Singapore’s ageing population and increasing incidence of chronic diseases, MOH is aware of the potential benefits of telemedicine for both simple acute and chronic disease management by improving accessibility to care. As such, MOH supports the use of telemedicine in our maturing healthcare system and will be regulating it further under the upcoming Healthcare Services Act (HCSA) in 2020.


MOH has been reaching out and encouraging selected telemedicine providers to enter into a regulatory sandbox with the MOH. The sandbox will enable telemedicine providers to develop innovative models but within well-defined patient safety and welfare parameters. The public and licensees will be able to identify MOH sandbox partners via a Regulatory Sandbox logo. https://www.moh.gov.sg/our-healthcare-system/licensing-experimentation-and-adaptation-programme-(leap)---a-moh-regulatory-sandbox

Singapore's Employment (Amendment) Bill 2018 has been passed in Parliament on 20 Nov 2018 that all relevant parties are required to recognise MCs from all registered doctors for the purpose of granting paid sick leave or absence from school. All relevant parties are expected to excuse their employees/students from work/school if they are on sick leave, in accordance with doctors' instructions. This would allow employees/students who are ill to recover and can prevent further transmission of contagious illnesses at the workplace/school if necessary.


However, in the event a company/school requires to verify the validity of eMCs, please contact respective doctors who issue the Medical Certificate. The doctor's name and their respective clinic is documented at the end of the MC.


For more information, you can contact us at admin@manadrmobilehealth.com

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