Comprehensive Features

Where the medical practice of the future starts with the philosophy of the past, where personalised, one-on-one care is essential.

Case summary

Receive a summary of your consult and treatment plan.

E-medical certificates

Receive a valid Medical Certificate by SMC registered medical doctor without leaving home.

Lab data integration

Securely view and store your lab results.

Lab data trending

Visual data analytics complete with professional input from your medical doctor.

Automated reminders

Follow-up on appointments and lab results.


Receive valid prescription without leaving your home.

Chronic Disease Management

Patient support and care continuity.

24/7 access

Get advice from SMC registered Singapore Medical Doctor for free, any time.

Video Consultation

Video consult with licensed Singapore Medical Doctor within minutes, wherever you are.

Personal health advice

Ask health questions, attach photos, get instant medical advice.

Specialist referrals

Referral to our network of trusted medical specialists.

Family & Friends

Completes your family's healthcare needs.

House Call 24/7

Brings a house call doctor directly to where you are 24/7

Market Place

Number-one trusted online shopping and selling in Southeast Asia.

Health News

Medical news and articles you can trust from around the world.

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