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Staying Positive In Times of Covid-19

Updated: Mar 26

What has life been like for you during covid times? Surely, it has never been easy for many of us due to financial strain, less meet-ups with friends and loved ones and adapting to the new normal practices. The virus outbreak has resulted in so many changes that one may feel overwhelmed especially when it causes our rice bowl to be affected.

While some people are able to cope with the new changes, there is also a group of us who develop depressive mood, anxiety and sleeping difficulties as a result of covid-19. These conditions are related to our mental health. Our mental health is very essential for us to remain positive in our daily lives. Many people tend to take mental health lightly as most are afraid they will be laughed at or be called crazy if they were to confide in someone about their mental status.

We have people seeking help for different mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, sleeping difficulties and addiction challenges. The different mental conditions manifest in various symptoms but for this article, we will focus mainly on depression. If you have been experiencing the symptoms below for at least 2 weeks, it is important to seek help from healthcare professionals.

  • You find it difficult to sleep

  • You do not feel like eating, that you start to lose weight

  • You find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning

  • You do not find any interest to do the activities you like

  • You are unable to perform daily functions and responsibilities

  • You feel like harming yourself or feel like committing suicide

Other than seeking help from healthcare professionals, it is also important for you to practise self-care management. When an individual is too focused on their negative emotions, they tend to forget about other important aspects of their heath like eating and sleeping. If these aspects are not tended to, the mental state of the person might worsen. Hence, do consider these tips to help improve your condition!

  • Eating proper, healthy meals

  • Doing physical exercises (eg. jogging, cycling)

  • Doing relaxation exercises

  • Practising healthy bedtime routine

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