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Updated: Mar 26

Hi migrant workers! We hope you have enjoyed your time with ManaDr teleconsultation services. Please read through the information below with regards to our services.

  • Please check that you have collected the correct medication package.

  • Your name and FIN number should be printed on the labels on the outer package.

  • Your name should be printed on the label of every medication.

  • Please Whatsapp us at +65 9740 2558 if you have any questions with regards to:

  • Wrong medication package

  • Medical Certificate (MC)

  • How to take or use the medications

  • Side effects that you experienced from the medications

  • Others

  • For chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, thyroid and asthma, you may request for a refill from us. Do take note:

  • We will only provide 2 weeks supply of the chronic medications.

  • You are required to see your company doctor for the next refill.

  • Alternatively, you may make an appointment to see our doctors for your next refill. Below are the 2 clinics that you can choose to visit.

Thank you!

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