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What is MaNaDr?

We give you quick access to a trusted network of doctors and specialists, services and products. You can Chat Consult or Video Consult our doctors for medical and aesthetics advice on demand.

What are the benefits of MaNaDr?

MaNaDr is a quick and trusted alternative to consulting doctors for general medical enquiries. It also provides a more reliable alternative to accessing information on the internet. Our doctors are available 24/7, on an on-demand basis, which means you can request for a Chat Consult or Video Consult anytime you need it. However, if our doctors are not able to answer you immediately, you still have the option of waiting for their reply or scheduling an appointment for a later time to visit our doctors in person at their clinics.

When would I use MaNaDr instead of seeing my own doctor?

MaNaDr does not replace the need to consult your own doctor in clinics or hospitals.

For serious concerns and emergencies, please seek healthcare consultation from medical professionals, clinics or hospitals.

How do I access MaNaDr?

Download the MaNaDr app through the Google Play or App store. Next, click on the app and register by entering your details manually. Creating an account is free - you will only be charged when you consult a doctor on our app.

Is MaNaDr secured and private?

MaNaDr was one of the first six organisations, alongside the likes of DBS Bank and Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund, that was awarded the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certification launched by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and the Personal Data Protection Commision (PDPC) of Singapore.

What is the cost of medical consultation fee?

Coming Soon

What is the cost of delivery of medicine to client’s doorsteps?

Coming Soon.

What do I need to prepare in advance before the start of Chat Consult and Video Consult?

Please have your identification card or passport ready at the start of the consultation to verify your identity.

What happens if the doctor determines my condition is not suitable for Chat Consult or Video Consult?

The doctor will inform you accordingly and advise you to seek the appropriate follow-up actions. These actions may include:

  • Going to a general practitioner for a physical consultation

  • Book an online appointment using MaNaDr for an in-person physical consultation

  • Going to the Accident & Emergency department of your nearest hospital

If the doctor ends the consultation within the first five minutes of the video call, you will not be charged for the consultation.

Can I choose my doctor?

Yes. Simply click "Find your provider" and type his/her name in the search field.

What kind of conditions are suitable for Online Consultation using MaNaDr?

The common conditions suitable for a video consultation on the MaNaDr App include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Fever

  2. Cough, sore throat or laryngitis

  3. Diarrhoea / Vomiting

  4. Sinusitis

  5. Rash and skin conditions

  6. Headache

  7. Giddiness 

  8. Red eye

For symptoms that are not found in the list above, your doctor will make a clinical judgement based on his/her best assessment.

How do I make payment?

We accept online payment via all VISA and MasterCard debit/credit cards and will request for your payment details on registration.
Payment for your Chat Consult or Video Consult, cost of medication and delivery charges (if applicable), will be charged to the debit/credit card linked to your MaNaDr account only at the end of your Chat Consult or Video Consult.

Are there any age restrictions?

A person below the age of 16 seeking Chat Consult or Video Consult must be accompanied by an adult (parent/guardian) during the video consultation at all times. Such minor must also be registered under his/her parent’s/guardian’s MaNaDr account under "Family & Friends" prior to commencement of Chat Consult or Video Consult.

How long should I expect to wait before I begin my consultation via the MaNaDr App?

As the duration of each Chat Consult or Video Consult varies, the waiting time will depend on the number of patients ahead of you in the online queue. MaNaDr will ensure everyone gets to see a doctor within 30 minutes.

I am not in Singapore. Can I still use MaNaDr?

Yes, MaNaDr service is available outside Singapore. However, we do not provide medication delivery services outside Singapore.

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