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Consult a Singapore registered doctor in MaNaDr


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MaNaDr offers medical teleconsultation online with video chat.

  • Consult your own Family Doctor or a specialist virtually through your device

  • Same day medication delivery

eMedical Records

MaNaDr secures your information in our platform.

  • eMedical Records are compliant with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

  • Data Protection Trustmark compliant

Market Place

MaNaDr offers health and wellness products to cater to your healthcare needs.

  • Health screening packages

  • Telemonitoring devices such as Blood Pressure, Thermometer and Pulse Oximeter.

Your Medical Record is safe and secured with manadr

  1. Accountable data protection practice.

  2. Consistency in data protection standards.

  3. Competent management of personal data.

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