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Consult a Singapore registered doctor in MaNaDr


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MaNaDr offers medical teleconsultation online with video chat.

  • Consult your own Family Doctor or a specialist virtually through your device

  • Same day medication delivery

eMedical Records

MaNaDr secures your information in our platform.

  • eMedical Records are compliant with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

  • Data Protection Trustmark compliant

Market Place

MaNaDr offers health and wellness products to cater to your healthcare needs.

  • Health screening packages

  • Telemonitoring devices such as Blood Pressure, Thermometer and Pulse Oximeter.

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Your Medical Record is safe and secured with manadr

  1. Accountable data protection practice.

  2. Consistency in data protection standards.

  3. Competent management of personal data.